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New Management

We are delighted to announce that we are moving forward into the next generation of our team.  January 2018, the former Director/President, Donna Riley, retired from Peanut City Cloggers after serving in one capacity or another for the last 35 years.  Judi Lester was promoted to the role of Director/President by the team’s unanimous vote, along with other new Board of Directors members:

President/Director            – Judi Lester                                                                                               Vice President/Director   – Lindsay Ricks                                                         Secretary/Director            – JoAnn Price                                                   Treasurer/Director           – Shana Williams

Together, we look forward to new and fun things to come.


Congratulations to Hannah Baines, our 2018 Jr. All American Team winner, and Mackenzie West, our 2018 All American Team winner.




Our Sponsors

The Suffolk Peanut City Cloggers is a non-profit organization. We raise money through various fund-raisers, membership dues and donations. All the money we raise is used solely for our organization to help pay for uniforms, music, equipment, insurance, record license, affiliation dues, competitions, instructor salaries and various other expenses that we incur throughout the year.


Bethlehm Ruritan Club

We especially thank the Bethlehem Ruritan Club of Suffolk, VA for their many years of support.  They have so graciously let us use their facility for all our meetings and practices.  For this we are truly grateful.


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