Competition Results

ACHF World Champion Results

Over All Traditional – Tiny Tot-Junior
Peanut City

Over All Open Traditional – Senior-Adult
Peanut City

Over All Adult
Peanut City

Running Set Hoedown – Elementary Team 1st place; Junior Team 1st place Grand Champion;  Adult Team 2st place

Country Hoedown – Elementary 2nd place; Adult 1st place Grand Champions

Southern App – Junior Team 1st place Grand Champion; Adult Team 1st Place

Running Set Precision – Junior Team 1st place Grand Champion

Open Hoedown – Young Adult 1st place Grand Champion


PCC All-American Cloggers

The America’s Clogging Hall of Fame (ACHF)  selects cloggers each year to the “All American Clogging Team”.  Peanut City Cloggers has the distinction of having a clogger chosen each year since 1995.  In the year 2000 we had two dancers selected to the “Team of the Millenium” and in 2010 a dancer selected to the “Team of the Decade”.   In 2008, our then Managing Director, Donna Riley, was inducted to the “Clogging Hall of Fame”.

        All American Team Inductees

  • 1995 Shamus Riley
  • 1996 Judith Mabe
  • 1997 Jaclyn Morris
  • 1998 Liam Riley, Tracie Felgentreu, Bill Denison
  • 1999 Kristin Morris, Ashley Russell
  • 2000 Daphne Turner
  • 2001 Tanner Ike
  • 2002 none selected
  • 2003 Joseph Quattlebaum
  • 2004 Travis Fowler
  • 2005 Christina Byrd
  • 2006 Jacob Parr
  • 2007 Lindsay Skeen
  • 2008 Heather Wilson
  • 2009 Karley Barnes
  • 2010 AnnMarie Knight
  • 2011 Sarah Wollett
  • 2012 Teresa Davis
  • 2013 Robert Greene
  • 2014 Leia Dotson
  • 2015 Jordan West
  • 2016 Grace Pierce-Williams
  •                                                          2017 Harrison Storms


 Jr All American Team

  • 2005 Emma Gardner
  • 2006 AnnMarie Knight
  • 2008 Sarah Wollett
  •                                                           2010 Shayne Brooks
  •                                                             2012 Jordan West
  •                                                         2013 Mackenzie West
  •                                                        2014 Harrison Storms
  •                                                           2015 Audre Davis
  •                                                          2017 Brooke Hayden


ACHF Female Traditional Dancer 2016

Sarah Wollett

ACHF Male Traditional Dancer 2016

Shamus Riley

Best Caller Award 2016

Alison Shannon

ACHF Overall Traditional Female Winner 2015

Joann Price

ACHF Overall Traditional Female Winner 2014

Sarah Wollett

        Team of the Millennium (2000)

  • Shamus Riley
  • Shaun Waters

            Team of the Decade (2010)

  • Lindsay Skeen
    America’s Clogging Hall of Fame (2008)
    Inductee – Donna Riley

Melvin Sloan Grand Champion Male Winner 2013

Shamus Riley

2008 America’s Clogging Hall of Fame & All American Cloggers

Donna Riley, Director of Peanut City Cloggers was inducted into the 2008 America’s Clogging Hall of Fame.  She was one of the founding members of the Peanut City Cloggers in 1983 and has been managing director for Peanut City on and off for most of its 30 years.   Honoree’s  are selected from those who have clogged for at least 25 years and  have been a “positive influence in the preservation of the dance” for consideration.  Great Job, Donna!

Included in picture are Heather Wilson, “All American”  and Sarah Wollett, “Jr. All American”  for the year 2008. AnnMarie Knight, Teresa Davis and Lindsay Skeen.